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by Dakota W Registered Agent LLC

North Dakota Registered Agent Service in Fargo, North Dakota!

North Dakota registered agent service for $49 a year.

North Dakota was the first state in the US to adopt the Model Registered Agents Act. From the beginning, North Dakota understood the need for the general public and government agencies to have a reliable way of contacting business entities. Today, all business entities in North Dakota are required by law to maintain a registered agent.

What Makes Dakota W Registered Agent LLC Different?

  • The Best Price: $49 Per Year
  • Commercial Registered Office Location (not a residential address)
  • User-Friendly Online Account with All North Dakota Business Forms
  • Same-Day Notification System (We Always Notify You Immediately When Your Documents Enter Our Office)
  • Knowledgeable, Expert Staff Available Whenever You Call

Dakota W Registered Agent LLC is a Commercial Registered Agent listed with the Secretary of State’s office. We run a commercial office right here in Fargo. We’ve dedicated ourselves to helping the North Dakota business community by offering high-quality, service-oriented business filing services and registered agent service.

When you hire a registered agent, you are appointing that person or company to accept legal notifications should your company ever become party to a lawsuit. Your registered agent will also sign for official mail from the Secretary of State, such as annual report reminders.

If your registered agent fails to get you your documents in a timely manner, it can seriously damage your business. Which is why you should carefully consider who you hire. There are lots of options. Unfortunately, many of our competitors lack critical resources, which keeps them from registering with the State. Our corporate competitors have plenty of resources, but many of our customers have come to us after discovering that the corporate conglomerates don’t usually care much for personal service. And they don’t know North Dakota business like we do.

When you hire Dakota W Registered Agent LLC, you’re hiring the best. We stand by our excellent customer service, and we stand by our industry-low price (only $49 per year, that’s it). We guarantee that you won’t be sorry if you sign with us.

Why Am I Required to Have a North Dakota Registered Agent?

According to North Dakota state law (ND Registered Agents Act 10-01.1) all business entities must maintain a registered agent and registered office in the State of North Dakota. The law attempts to ensure that the general public and government agencies have the ability to reliably contact a business, especially in the event of a lawsuit.

When your company is sued, service of process (notification of a lawsuit) is sent to your registered agent.

What Does My North Dakota Registered Agent Do?

  • Accepts service of process and official mail on behalf of the client
  • Maintains a registered office in the state (physical address, not a PO box)
  • Keeps registered office open during regular business hours
  • Forwards client documents to clients upon receiving them
  • Notifies clients that important documents have been accepted at the registered office

What’s the Difference Between a Commercial and a Non-Commercial Registered Agent?

In North Dakota, there is a distinction between Commercial Registered Agents and Noncommercial Registered Agents. A Commercial Registered Agent has filed a Commercial Registered Agent Listing Statement with the Secretary of State and paid to be on the State’s official list. A Noncommercial Registered Agent has not registered with the State.

How Do I Change My Registered Agent to You?

Option One

The Form: Commercial or Noncommercial Registered Agent/Office Statement of Change
The Fee: $10

When you sign up for our service, this form will be in your online account.. You can mail this to the Secretary of State, or you can fax it (Fax Number: 701-328-2992).

If you intend to pay with a credit card, there is a Credit Card Payment Authorization at the end of the form you must fill out (accepted cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover). By mail, you can also send a Check (made payable to Secretary of State).

Option Two

The Form: North Dakota Business, Farm, Professional Articles of Amendment
The Fee: $20

You can also make a change to your North Dakota registered agent by filing an amendment to your Articles. Since this is twice as expensive as a Statement of Change, it is not a recommended option. Payment and filing methods are the same as the Statement of Change.

What Are the Best Ways to File My Formation Documents in North Dakota?


You can fax your Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization to the Secretary of State’s office. Faxing does not expedite your filing, but it saves time over mailing.

The LLC Fee: $135
The Corporation Fee: $100

When you sign up for our service, all your formation documents will be in your online account. All you need to do is fill them out, print them, sign and fax them.

If you intend to pay with a Credit Card, you must fill out the Credit Card Payment Authorization section at the end of the document (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted). Make Checks payable to Secretary of State.


All formation documents can be mailed to the Secretary of State’s office at the following address:

Business Registration Unit
Secretary of State
State of North Dakota
600 E Boulevard Ave Dept 108
Bismark ND 58505-0500