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by Dakota W Registered Agent LLC

ND Business Filing Tips

Guide to North Dakota business filing

North Dakota business is booming, and we’d love to have your business! Virtually ALL state agencies are overworked and slow now. It’s very important that you send in your paperwork correctly the first time if you’re on any type of a time constraint.

If you’re an oil or exploration company and have a ton of companies you need to be registered in ND, please give us a call for a discounted rate. You’ll love our tools that will help keep your companies organized and in good standing with the state. You’ll also love having one location to represent you.

We recommend using the forms we’ve pre-populated in your account to file with the North Dakota SOS. You can actually fax your filing in, put your credit card information on the forms, and then cross your fingers. A North Dakota business filing is now taking the state about 30 business days to complete. They will get completed, it’s just that things are slower than they used to be because it seems like the entire world has decided to come to North Dakota for oil and natural gas, and the state agencies won’t hire more people to handle all the extra work.

The North Dakota Secretary of State has quit answering their phone, but they are really good at returning messages. You would think you’re leaving a message in a black hole, but the people of North Dakota do care and have a very high work ethic; these state workers are just overworked. You will get a return phone call, so you should leave a message with them if you are having trouble with something. They also answer email fairly quickly. We provide their email address in the North Dakota registered agent account.

We can serve as North Dakota registered agent for whatever agency you need us to. We serve as North Dakota registered agent for many professional trade agencies and licenses. We’ve been registering ND businesses for many years, so if you need help, we can answer your questions. If want us to do a North Dakota business filing for you, we charge $100 plus state filing fees.